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"Working with inrehearsal is a fantastic way to support my own business as a Voice & Communication trainer. They work with some brilliant clients and are a slick operation when it comes to running training sessions and webinars. The partnership also enables me to reach a wider audience and build up new relationships with L&D people which is invaluable."

Jude Bolton, Founder of Speaking Works

A collaboration with inrehearsal could include:


Participate in real coaching in action. Coach a person through new ideas, skills and techniques.

Talking Head Videos

Share your personal insights, experiences and expertise in these short videos.

Community Events

Promote your practice to hundreds of L&D decision-makers by hosting a community event.

Podcasts or Webcasts

Contribute to our popular podcast channel and record a podcast which will be distributed across our community.

Articles & Courses

Share your knowledge and expertise by creating an article or course on behalf of inrehearsal.

Something Different?

We’re always keen to explore new and interesting ways of collaborating from stand-up events to virtual reality experiences, all ideas are worth exploring.


Spend a day turning your practice into bite-sized masterclasses giving people a taste of what it would be like to be trained, coached and inspired by you. Straightforward planning, no script to learn, just you and your team engaging people and sharing your practice.

Talking Heads

A snapshot of your practice in short, simple videos. Showcase your passion, your knowledge, your experience and expertise in these taster talking head videos. Great for subject matter experts who favour seminar, presentation and keynote delivery.

Community Events

Share your practice or promote a new service or experience by hosting a community event to our 300+ organisations. Choose to promote to our entire community or targeted groups. All enquiries and leads shared directly with you and your organisation. 

Podcasts & Webcasts

Take a deeper dive into your passion or area of expertise and showcase your knowledge, experience and understanding through our podcast series. A passive, long-standing promotional channel shared internally by 100s of organisations.

Articles & Courses

Join the debate by contributing your thoughts and opinions on important topics. Create a course or submit an article and share your voice with hundreds of organisations and L&D professionals.

"Working with the inrehearsal team was a pleasure. It’s great to see how some of the content you have can come together in a really slick and professional way. They help you simplify your messaging and present the best of what you have to offer."

Trevor Hudson, Future of Work Facilitator & Wiser Leadership Coach

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