Our trainers and industry experts

We partner with industry leading trainers and experts and share their unique practice in natural environments.

Alison Coward

Communication, Creativity, Collaboration

Amy Shepherd

Communication, Leadership, Coaching

Andreas Kyprianou

Leadership, Creativity, Innovation

Andy Lopata

Communication, Leadership

Angelique Slob

Leadership, Culture, Collaboration

Anika Vassell

Wellbeing, Culture

Anna Manning

Leadership, Management, Coaching

Aran Rees

Creativity, Business Acumen, Agile

Bejay Mulenga

Leadership, Coaching, Business Acumen, Innovation

Carina Maggar


Carla Collins

Presentation, Communication, Wellbeing

Carol Noakes

Communication, Leadership, Management, Wellbeing

Caroline Goyder

Presentation, Communication

Celia Wright

Communication, Coaching, Culture

Charlotte Lucas

Communication, Coaching, Culture


Chris Baker


Collette Philip

Leadership, Culture, Inclusion, Mentorship

Collin Lyons

Communication, Leadership, Management

Coral Messam


Daniel Tuitt

Collaboration, Innovation

Dave Carey

Debra Corey

Communication, Leadership

Debra Leigh

Presentation, Communication, Leadership

Dr Zoe Wyrko


Dr. Alexandra Read


Dr. Brennan Jacoby

Leadership, Creativity, Culture

Dr. Hazel Harrison


Dr. Max Mckeown

Leadership, Creativity, Innovation

Dr. Ruth Gotian


Dr. Thomas Tillmann

Leadership, Management, Coaching, Culture, Innovation

Emma Darwall Smith

Communication, Coaching

Ettie Bailey-king

Culture, Unconscious Bias , Inclusion

Gretchen Gerzina

Coaching, Unconscious Bias , Inclusion

Hayley Bennett

Leadership, Unconscious Bias , Inclusion

Helen Howard

Business Acumen

Hiten Bhatt

Leadership, Management, Culture

Jack Pinter

Communication, Leadership, Management, Difficult Conversations, Coaching

Jacqui Chadwick

Leadership, Management, Coaching

James Lloyd

Management, Coaching, Wellbeing

James Witt


Jamie Butler

Communication, Management, Coaching

Jem Wall

Communication, Leadership, Difficult Conversations

Jennifer Tollady

Communication, Coaching

Jessica Hayes

Joel Trill

Presentation, Wellbeing

Jonas Altman

Leadership, Wellbeing, Culture

Jude Bolton

Presentation, Communication, Leadership, Management

Karen Tomlin

Creativity, Collaboration

Kate Beales

Leadership, Difficult Conversations, Wellbeing

Kirk Vallis

Communication, Leadership, Creativity, Collaboration

Ladina Rees

Creativity, Business Acumen, Agile

Laura Moore

Business Acumen, Wellbeing, Culture

Lena Chauhan


Lena Nasiakou

Leadership, Creativity, Wellbeing, Innovation

Leticia Corbisier


Lisa Kerr

Coaching, Neurodiversity

Mark Vernon

Creativity, Culture, Innovation

Milly Rolle

Unconscious Bias

Nathan Ardaiz

Coaching, Wellbeing, Culture

Nick Bloy

Wellbeing, Culture

Nick Shackleton-Jones

Leadership, Culture

Nick Trumble

Presentation, Communication, Leadership, Management

Paul Ioannou

Leadership, Management, Coaching

Priya Ghai


Richard Cheetham

Leadership, Management, Coaching

Rob Watt

Communication, Leadership, Creativity

Robbie Swale

Leadership, Coaching, Culture

Robert Rowland Smith

Creativity, Culture, Innovation

Rubens Filho


Saida Ahmed

Unconscious Bias

Salvatore Sorce

Presentation, Communication, Management, Wellbeing

Sam Pearce


Shereen Daniels


Simon Chilley

Communication, Management, Coaching, Culture

Spencer Ayres

Creativity, Innovation

Stefanie Daniels

Coaching, Wellbeing, Culture

Susan Room

Communication, Leadership, Management, Coaching

Suzy Bastone

Communication, Coaching

Tom Cheesewright

Leadership, Culture, Innovation

Trevor Hudson

Communication, Leadership, Culture

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Finally, a learning design company that understands what learners are looking for; engaging, powerful, thought-provoking videos.
Pinda Dhillon
Director of L&D, Academies, Centrica
The inrehearsal library is packed with many useful topics which translate to our learners well. They are constantly adding content.
Simon Thurston
LXD Consultant, McDonald's
inrehearsal’s learning content is exactly what our employees are asking for.
Solveiga Karkauskaite
L&D Experience Manager, McCann
inrehearsal is utterly fabulous – offering 100s of highly engaging videos to support personal growth & development for our teams.
Michelle Fox
Head Of Talent & Diversity, Capsticks
inrehearsal's contemporary approach fits well as we want to present learning opportunities that engage and resonate with our employees.
Vanessa Edmonds
HR Director, UK & RoW, Page Group
inrehearsal are awesome to work with. We created something together that went beyond our original expectations.
Adam Goodsearles
Learning Partner, BT
inrehearsal shows their absolute passion for producing relevant and fresh content in response to the needs of the businesses they support.
Louise Donnelly
Senior L&D Manager, Cancer Research UK
We’ve found tons of ways to incorporate inrehearsal videos into our learning offer and the topics, insight and relevance are always spot on!
Emily Allen
People Director, Cooper Parry
The inrehearsal materials have been a great addition to our portfolio of learning.
Mike Mair
Head of L&D, BARD Pharmaceutical
Short. Powerful. Practical. inrehearsal's content is a world away from what's out there at the moment.
Adam Lancaster
Global L&D Partner, Financial Times
inrehearsal are top of the pile. Other providers are not really able to match the quality of their content.
Stephen Flurrie
Head of L&D, East of England Coop
If you want impactful, sharp and modern bite-sized content on a wide array of topics then inrehearsal is your solution.
Becki Sterling
Group L&D Manager, De La Rue
The inrehearsal videos have highly added value to our Content Curation project and everyone is loving it!
Carla Taveres
Global Digital Learning Manager, Page Group

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