Ladina Rees

Creativity, Business Acumen, Agile

Ladina is Co-Founder and Organisational Performance Expert at Sabre Tooth Panda. Her career spans the IT and Health sectors with over 15 years of experience working across a wide range of projects in Lean, organisation design, transformation, innovation, product development, strategy and leadership development.

She is passionate about redesigning organisations to help build processes that are human shaped and teams that understand how to work with the invisible machine around them. She is most fulfilled when these improvements help make a team express greater creativity, communicate more freely and achieve flow.

Ladina has delivered organisational performance projects to a diverse range of teams in the UK and overseas, including Tata Consulting, BT, Invesco, TBA21 Academy, Bupa (UK and Hong Kong, Fujitsu (Australia, EMEA and UK).

I worked with Ladina to improve our global product lifecycle. She’s an excellent agent for change, capable of deep, reflective thought and communicating this in simple and compelling terms.

Clive Tillotson
CISO, Fujitsu Global

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